Line Access Conveyors


Prestige Conveyors manufacture retracting end conveyors designed to allow access across the line and eliminate trapped areas.

Simple, few moving parts, operates in all conditions, wet and dry. Works on reversing belts, easy installation and reduced maintenance. Fully pneumatic or electro pneumatic incorporating photo electric sensors. Increased belt life by reducing damage to edges, eliminates downtime caused by belt mis-tracking. The system can be mounted to most conveyor frames.

The photos show a line of 3 fabric belt retracting end conveyors providing operators with machine access.

  • A single unit placed in a line provides access into trapped areas alleviating health & safety concerns.
  • Retracting end conveyors are available in both fabric and plastic modular belt.
  • The retracting end runs smoothly and effortlessly on precision slides.
  • Close transfers are achieved by fitting a 30├śroller at one end and a roller knife edge at the other.
  • The conveyor can be retracted and extended while running.
  • The design can be altered providing a bespoke solution to suit your existing line.