Flat Belt Conveyors

Flat belt conveyors are the most common and cost effective of the belt range. The flat belt conveyor is used for an extremely wide array of applications and environments from automotive to abattoirs.

Conveyor Key Features

  • Available in Powder Coated Steel, Aluminium and Stainless Steel.
  • Pharmaceutical and food grade available as standard.
  • Common simple and robust construction.
  • All widths and lengths both as standard and customer specific sizes.
  • All loads and configuration of product from light weight moldings to heavy weight automotive parts.
  • Many drive configurations including shaft mounted motor, motorised drive drum and under slung drives available as standard.
  • Many Belt types and colours incl PU, PVC, Cut proof, Grip top, corregated side wall, FDA approved food grade, low friction, antistatic etc.
  • Accessories include many control options, large range of guide systems, supports etc.
  • Transfer systems include transfer plates, small diameter rollers, live knife edges or bull noses to transfer products between conveyors.
  • Telescopic end conveyors to provide access
  • Twin Flatbed Conveyor System
  • Flat Belt Conveyor with quick release ends, open structure and cutting tables for the fish industry
  • Newspaper Reject Conveyor
  • Laundry Conveyor

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