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Modular Belt Conveyors are highly effective in many production applications. The modular belt design removes tracking issues associated with typical material belt designs with the added benefit of the way it can be designed to convey your products. The modular belt is captured in C section wear strips positioned either side of the belt, allowing products to follow straight, curved, spiral and incline routes. The solution is a flexible conveyor that can fit into your factory environment allowing you to optimize the valuable floor space in your production areas. Cleaning can be achieved by simple belt removal, quick release mechanisms or spray bars.

Cap Elevator Conveyor90 Degree Bend Conveyor

           Swan Neck Cap Elevator                         90 Degree Bend  

Converger ConveyorRadius Diverter Conveyor

                    Converger                                       Radius Diverter Special Purpose Conveyor  Incline Grip Top Conveyor

   Circuit board destat Conveyor                   Incline Griptop Carton Conveyor

 180 Degree Bend Conveyor   

180 Degree Bend Conveyor             U-Shaped Circuit Board Conveyor

Complete Conveyor System

Conveyor System consisting of six modular belt conveyors

Cap Elevator

Modular belt Cap Elevator

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