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Overhead Conveyors power & free are utilised across all areas of industry to handle light, medium and heavy duty product types. The systems have a proven and reliable reputation as a long term, working partner to the industries they service. All designed with; flexibility of routing, bespoke layout to suit individual applications, in-house electrical control philosophy with operator menus and an after sales package to ensure it's long term operation. The power & free conveyors can be integrated into a turnkey automation process or operate as a self-contained system. With either option, they can offer buffer accumulation zones, speed changes to interface with operation processes and automatically route and store dedicated product types - the list is endless to the flexibility they can offer.To complement the overhead coveyors, an inverted system is available, offering a 'clean' operation. The inverted conveyor utilises standard components from the overhead range, with the driving chain mounted beneath twin enclosed tracks, in which the trolley travels.


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